Your simulator is a fundamental aspect of drone flying as they are an affordable and effective way to practice your manoeuvres.

FrSky Taranis Q X7
Price: 88.25€ | 97.99$

Connect up to 60 drones. Mini USB Type B port for easy PC/Mac connection. Up to 1km of range.
Available in Black or White.

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Battery Charger for Radio & Goggles
Price: 7.20€ | 7.99$

Compact charger for goggles and radio.

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FrSky Taranis Q X7 Battery
Price: 9.00€ | 9.99$

Original FrSky QX7 Taranis battery.

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LiftOff Simulator

Arm, fly and crash… This simulator will save you tons of money! Acrobatic flying is hard and you need a lot of practice to get the skills. LiftOff is the best simulator to train yourself for the next level of aerial cinematography.

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These are the accessories that you need to connect with your drone and make your films.

Option 1. Fatshark Attitude V5 OLED
Price: 270.00€ | 299.00$

Dual 640 x 400 OLED display with a gorgeous 30° FOV (Field Of View).

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Option 2. Skyzone S03O OLED
Price: 375.56€ | 418.90$

Dual 1024×768 OLED display.
Available in different colors.

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Goggles Antenna Kit
Price: 37.82€ | 41.99$

Perfect Kit for FPV goggles.
The Kit includes an omnidirectional and a directional antenna

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Tattu 2500mAh Goggles Battery
Price: 20.71€ | 23.99$

Battery designed for Fatshark or Skyzone Goggles. High capacity with LED check.

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No assembly is required here, the drones are ready to fly!

Compact 3” CineWhoop

iFlight MegaBee*
Price: 261.18€ | 289.99$

Small and compact FPV drone designed to carry a GoPro5/6/7.
Indoor and outdoor. Perfect for beginners.
*choose the “FrSky R-XSR Receiver” version

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Tattu 4S 850mAh Battery
Price: 17.10€ | 18.99$

Flight time: 5-7 Minutes
Weight: 189.3gr

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Standard 5” Cinematic

iFlight Nazgul 6S*
Price: 183.73€ | 204.00$

A cinematic beast.
This is the best pre-built drone for cinematic shots.
*choose the “FrSky R-XSR Receiver” version

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Tattu 6S 1800mAh Battery
Price: 36.02€ | 39.99$

Flight time: 7-10 Minutes
Weight: 285gr

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Tattu 6S 1300mAh Battery
Price: 32.41€ | 37.99$

Flight time: 6-7 Minutes
Weight: 209gr

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LiPo Battery Chargers

Option 1. ISDT LiPo Charger
Price: 125.19€ | 139.00$

Double LiPo Charger with easy interface and display.

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Option 2. IMAX LiPo Charger
Price: 24.31€ | 26.99$

Good cheap charger.

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Action Cameras

Option 1. GoPro Hero 7/8 Black

In-camera stabilization with Hypersmooth.

Option 2. GoPro Hero 6 Black

Post-production stabilization with ReelSteady.

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