We want to take the complicated world of FPV and make it accessible to artists, creatives and filmmakers, so that you can get the very best quality footage for your creative pieces.

As drones get smaller and small cameras get better, drones are very quickly becoming the future of filmmaking.  The benefit of these types of cameras is that they can be flown through very tight spaces that a human with a camera could not access, giving a unique perspective to your films.

FPV drones were initially made for drone racing, which means that they are made to go as fast as possible and be very lightweight; this also means that you must use goggles to operate them rather than a smartphone or tablet.  We recognise the incredible opportunity here; the types of shots that you can get with these kinds of drones are second to none.

Our drones selection are absolutely perfect for whatever type of content you are trying to make, simply pick the one from our site that suits your needs as a filmmaker.

Hi, my name is Stefano Rinaldo and I live in a small town among the Dolomites (Belluno, Italy). I started my journey in the drone industry about 8 years ago as a videomaker and aerial cinematographer in a company specialized in multirotor and RC stuff. Three years ago I dived in the incredible world of FPV. After months of trial and error, I figured out how hard it is. This is why I started FilmFPV to make FPV more easy and accessible for filmmakers, content creators and drone pilots.

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