Understanding the FPV market can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know this industry well. However, for those who want to fly cinematic FPV, understanding who the major companies are can save you a lot of time and money.
Let’s see what the best company and products for cinematic FPV areā€¦

Team Black Sheep

Born in Switzerland but located in Hong Kong, TBS is a company specialized in high-quality electronic components. Do you want PRO components? Then TBS is for you.
Products to watch:

TBS Crossfire
The best and safest radio link. Composed by an external module to attach to your radio and a small receiver for your drone. The crossfire permits a safe long-range signal without compromise.


Frsky is a Chinese company specializing in radio and receivers. They make one of the most used radio controllers in the FPV industry. If you want easy-to-use products supported by a large variety of information available online, then FrSky is for you.

Products to watch:

FrSky Taranis_QX7_White_1

Taranis Q X7 and X9 Lite
The most used radio controller. Simple and upgradable with Crossfire

X-Lite and X-Lite Pro
The X-Lite series is one of the smallest and compact controllers on the market with a design similar to a console joypad but you need a separate external module (XJT Lite). Despite the great design, this radio works only with frsky products. No TBS Crossfire unless you do some hack.

A compact and cheap receiver for drones. Not recommend for long-range flight (about 1km of range).

Alternative: Jumper T16

iFlight RC

Do you want a great ready-to-fly cinematic FPV drone? iFlight is doing a really good job by simplifying the FPV industry with high-quality drones and all in one electronics.

Products to watch:

iFlight MegaBee
Small and compact 3 Inch (Inch = size of the propellers). Ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting.

Nazgluz 5 6S
One of the best ready to fly cinematic FPV drones available on the market. Available in 6S (number of LiPo cells) can give longer flight time.

Cidora SL5 6S
One of the best ready to fly cinematic FPV drones available on the market. Available in 6S (number of LiPo cells) can give longer flight time.

Titan DC5 6S
One of the best ready to fly cinematic FPV drones available on the market. Available in 6S (number of LiPo cells) can give longer flight time.

Fat Shark

Fat Shark has a long history of FPV goggles and vision systems. Their goggles use the latest technology in LCD industry while the usability and design are defined by the community.

Products to watch:

Fat Shark HDO2
The most advanced OLED display goggles on the market

Fat Shark Attitude V5
Less expensive than the HDO2 with video receiver module pre-installed

Fat Shark Byte Frost
More compatible and lighter than the DJI FPV System but it is still a “work in progress”

Alternative: Aomway or Skyzone


Tattu is a high-quality LiPo battery manufacturer.

Products to watch:

Tattu V3 series
Available in 850, 1300, 1550 and 1800 mAh 4S and 6S. These batteries are safe and extremely powerful for standard 5-inch and small 3-Inch drones.

Alternative: GNB, OVONIC FPV and Lumenier


Despite being on the outskirts of the FPV world, DJI has done one of the most appreciated products for the FPV market.

Products to watch:

DJI FPV System
This system evolve the video transmission to a new level of digital low-latency communications.

Alternative: Fat Shark Byte Frost

LuGus Studios

When it comes to simulators LiftOff is probably the best you can get. With a realistic physics engine and good looking graphics, you can practice your skills with no compromise.

Products to watch:

Available for digital download on Steam

Alternative: Velocidrone and DRL simulator

Other important brands to know:

  • ImmersionRC: good electronics manufacturer
  • Lumenier: the brand beyond some of the top pilots in the world
  • RunCam: one of the best FPV camera manufacturer
  • HQ Props & Azure Power: propeller manufacturer
Stefano Rinaldo

Stefano Rinaldo

Hi, my name is Stefano Rinaldo and I live in a small town among the Dolomites. I started my journey in the drone industry about 8 years ago as a videomaker and aerial cinematographer in a company specialized in multirotor and RC stuff. Three years ago I dived in the incredible world of FPV. After months of trial and error, I figured out how hard it is. This is why I started FilmFPV to make FPV more easy and accessible for filmmakers, content creators, and drone pilots.

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