If you have ever tried to search for an FPV frame on Banggood, Amazon or any other website you’ve most likely noticed a huge variety of options. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and varying price points. In my experience, I’ve tried different types of frames without noticing much difference between them. So, what makes a frame good for Cinematic FPV?

These are the main three characteristics you need to consider for a good Cinematic FPV frame:

  • No propellers in view
  • Long top plate for battery and GoPro
  • Light as possible
  • Sturdiness

Frame size

The most common size for flying with a GoPro camera is 220-250mm for 5″ propellers. This unique combination of frame and propeller size gives you the perfect balance between power and flight time.

Smaller sizes like the 3″ CineWhoop frames are good for carrying a GoPro but you lose ease and agility.

Frame Styles

These are the four main types of the frame design. Other design variants could have similar characteristics based on the distance of the motors.

True X


More stable because of the equal distance of the motors but you may have propellers in your GoPro footage.

Wide X


More compact and balanced but the smaller distance between the motors can introduce air turbulence.

Stretch X


Easier to control at high speeds but it’s not good for Cinematic FPV because of the propellers in view.

Dead Cat


Perfect for Cinematic FPV. Because of the design of the front arms, you will never get any propellers in your GoPro footage.

Frame Weight

In FPV and also in drones, weight is everything! Good frame weight is between 100-140gr for a total weight of 500-650gr (with GoPro and battery).

Best Cinematic FPV 5″ Frame Kit: iFlight DC5

This might be the best frame for Cinematic FPV. The iFlight DC5 is a 5″ dead cat frame style that guarantee no propellers in your GoPro footage. The frame design and the TPU parts also allow for the easy installation of the DJI FPV Air Unit.

Frame Style: Dead Cat
Weight: 137gr
Price: 40-50$
TPU Parts & Accessories: Yes

Perfect with the DJI FPV System:

Wide X 5″ Frame Kit

iFlight Cidora SL5

The Cidora is a good freestyle frame without compromise. The Wide X configuration gives agility but you will get propellers in view with a low camera angle (25 – 30° minimum).

Frame Style: Wide X
Weight: 126gr
Price: 30-40$
TPU Parts & Accessories: Yes

True X 5″ Frame Kit

iFlight XL5 True X

Lightweight and with a true X arms configuration the iFlight XL5 is an acrobatic machine. The small top plate and arm configuration give both stability and agility. Unfortunately, you could have the propellers in view with low camera angles.

Frame Style: True X
Weight: 123gr
Price: 30-40$
TPU Parts & Accessories: Yes

CineWhoop 3″ Frame Kit

iFlight BumbleBee

The BumbleBee is perfect for indoor and proximity flights. The frame design allows for easy installation for the DJI FPV Air Unit. The kit also includes all the TPU parts you need.

Weight: 167gr
Price: 70-80$
TPU Parts & Accessories: Yes

Stefano Rinaldo

Stefano Rinaldo

Hi, my name is Stefano Rinaldo and I live in a small town among the Dolomites. I started my journey in the drone industry about 8 years ago as a videomaker and aerial cinematographer in a company specialized in multirotor and RC stuff. Three years ago I dived in the incredible world of FPV. After months of trial and error, I figured out how hard it is. This is why I started FilmFPV to make FPV more easy and accessible for filmmakers, content creators, and drone pilots.

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