In the CineWhoop world, every gram makes a difference. CineWhoops are small drones (2 – 3-inch prop size) with a GoPro used for capturing aerial indoor shots. Due to its small size CineWhoops need to be as lightweight as possible. GoPro cameras usually weigh around 110 grams which is too much for this type of small drone. The best way to make your CineWhoop more efficient and responsive is to strip your GoPro.

Benefits of stripped GoPro:

  • 50% to 80% lighter
  • 5V power directly from the Flight Controller

This article is based on the GoPro Hero 6 for these three important reasons:

  • GoPro Hero 6 is quite cheap
  • 4K resolution at 4:3
  • Works extremely well with ReelSteady

Step 1 – Remove “Unnecessary” parts

The first step is to remove all the “unnecessary” parts and electronics like the battery, display screen, and the external case if you prefer.

In this amazing video, Rimzler will show you everything you need to know:

Full Mod with power cable

Full Mod with power cable, original case and buttons

Step 2 – Wire the power cable

Three Ways to Power your GoPro:

  • USB hack (Easy / Best way): with this hack you need to solder + and – to the USB-C flexible cable.
  • Pad soldering (More Difficult): you have to solder the + to a tiny pin on the GoPro Board
  • Battery hack (Not recommended): you have to destroy the battery and get the correct board to wire the + and -. This method may seem easy but most of the time doesn’t work. I tried it myself and I had problems while recording in 4K.

Watch this video by Rimzler to see in details how to power your GoPro:

Step 3 – LED and Power buttons hack (Optional)

This step is if you want to remove the power and rec button flexible cable. By connecting two wires you can easily emulate the power button.

Protect your stripped GoPro

Now that you have a wonderful, lightweight GoPro you will need some sort of case. You can still use the original one or use a 3D printer to make your own custom one. Here you can find some useful resources:

Stefano Rinaldo

Stefano Rinaldo

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